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purple prose

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purple prose (for george)

most poems speak of passion

undying fires of love;

calm hearts are out of fashion,

loud crows replace the dove

but what I treasure in us

is less the flame and heat,

than this feast without the fuss

that leaves my heart replete

you are my safe-moor harbor,

the still amid the storm,

you are my steady arbor,

the hearth that keeps me warm

I know these lines are missing

the standard words of love:

ardent adjectives for kissing,

avid adverbs thereof

but trust me when I tell you

that what you offer up,

tender acts steadfast and true,

these overfill my cup

with you do I feel peaceful,

with you, there is no pain;

this comfort is so joyful

but harder to explain

you?ll hear no purple prosing

when I describe we two,

but let me say in closing

I need no one but you


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