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This might seem a little off topic at first, but I think if you are interested in where we (humans) might be headed with creativity in general and who is controlling what, then Professor Lessig's book makes damn interesting reading at least.

The pdf file amongst other formats is available at:


Any thoughts? I've only just started reading it myself but he touches on the origins and future of copyright as well as other cultural aspects of creativity.


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Hi Des;

I stumbled across your posting of "Free Culture" while browsing in the writers forum and boy am I glad I did.

I downloaded Prof. Lessig's book to my desktop from the the link you left at you posting. My orginial thought was that I would simply use it as casual reading material to be browsed during writing breaks or when the juices were not flowing. But now I have gotten hooked on this book. Thank you for having the foresight to post it for everyone else.

I do not think you are off topic with the introduction of this material at all. In fact I think you should consider posting this link under the "When to include copyright" thread that was started by Graeme. I think it would get wider exposure under that thread and if it catches on with the AD authors and becomes to big to manage it can be spun off as a thread onto it's own. Personally, I think every author currently using the AD site should read this book. Not just for the education and background on the copywrite issue but more importantly on the issues of the history and developments within the online world and how that will impact many of them who have chosen this media as their primary writing tool not to mention the education they would get about the cultural environment that they may find themselves writing in the future.

I have gotten through the first 150 pages of his book and I find myself wanting to know more about Lessig and his background. Any ideas on how or where I could learn more about him he is way ahead of his time on these issues.

I would be interested in establishing an on-going dialogue with you on what you think as you progress through the book on some of the various issues he raises in the book. Already he has piqued my interest on two subjects which I intend to further investigate that of (1.) "Camp Chaos" and (2.) "The Way Back Machine". These are just the sort of topics/issues that I personally find are a gold mine for writing ideas.

Anyway thanks again for the heads-up on this little nugget it is great.


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Many thanks for your confirmation of the value of Prof. Lessig's work.

You have managed to read more of his book than I have. My free time has been incredibly absorbed by work for awhile.

I would love to correspond with you on his work either in forum or email.

I agree with you that Free Culture is a valuable resource for all.

All I know about Professor Lessig is contained in his site with the link to the book. (Click on the "Lessig.Org" link.

As I work in the "arts industry" I constantly find creativity (both others and myself) hamstrung by copyright issues. However, the first real problem seems to be corporate mentality restricting personal free expression by employment contract clauses limiting the workers self esteem. Perhaps that seems like another subject but it is being used to initiate copyright control over employees' work. The difficulty here is that creative activity needs freedom of expression in an atmosphere of trust. Such contracts are limiting both.

Sadly this comes about through ignorance of the creative process by management.

As to posting in Graeme's thread, maybe the moderator would consider transferring this correspondence to there. I will keep an eye on it when time permits, hopefully next week.

Thanks again for your reply.

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