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With Scott, By: Gabriel Duncan

Guest rusticmonk86

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Guest rusticmonk86

This is my first novel. (Completed in 1998.) It wasn't available online for a long time. Mostly because I was being self-critical and thought no one would like it . . . blah blah blah. But I got a note one night from a reader who wanted it to be available. And the rest, is history.

With Scott is in first-person. Main charecter is Gabriel Duncan. The story is set in Alameda, Ca, in Middle School (grades 6-8 here in California.) Umm . . . . Follow the story of a gay suburban kid as he wrestles with identity, love and . . . soctiey, I guess. I dunno, I was skimming With Scott as I added it an I think it's enjoyable. I remember getting a lot of positive feedback while it was on Nifty. Check it out.

15 Chapters. 111 Pages.


Click on "Novels" in the menu bar.

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