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  1. What might be fun, rather than a sequel, is an epistolary.
  2. 'hmmmmm' indeed. Lovely story, well concluded. Thank you, Cole.
  3. Have I mentioned Charter's and Caldicott?
  4. Enticing words? Horror, then, is definitely a genre I should pursue.
  5. Really? I bet you've changed your mind! It's not the dream to be having nowadays. Sure if you want to come to a country that's badly mismanaged by a raggedy, blond, old Etonian, Churchillian wannabee, then rock on over. However, given our appalling handling of Covid, it's more likely you'll be moving to the UK to die. Not to mention we're all starving and can't afford to live. We're doomed, laddie, doomed....
  6. Here's a link to Bookbub's LGBT section: https://www.bookbub.com/ebook-deals/lgbt-ebooks There are quite a few free books at present.
  7. Flattery will get you everywhere, Cole!
  8. Read it? Really? It's called 'The Unit' and is loosely based around Afghanistan. It revolves around a Delta force unit of eight soldiers, The Black Mambas, who had four marines kidnapped under their noses. They have to get them back... It's published as PDF, EPUB, and MOBI (Kindle) here: https://novelinaday.com/the-unit Or, and I find this more interesting as you can more easily read the different versions of each chapter, here: http://gbrish.net/niadweb/2021
  9. It? IT! I'll have you know she's a she, and very well pampered and taken care of. Better looked after than I am, if I'm honest. As, so she tells me, is her right.
  10. Might I recommend Charter's and Caldicott. I might have already done this, but what with a memory like a sieve and an irate cat, please forgive me if I have.
  11. Done and dusted. Much fun was had by all!
  12. I'm very peeved @Cole Parker I think the following should come with a 'don't read this if you're hungry' warning! And this part just takes the biscuit! And the ending! It reminds me of Saturday morning kids' films, at the local cinema. They'd always play a part of a serial that meant you had to come back next week... Arghhhhh.
  13. ...and so, in less than an hour, I'm off for another insane bout of writing a novel in 24 hours. The cat's prepared - I've told her to help herself to food. I have beer and wine in the fridge and a tub of hummus for those urgent snack breaks. Now all I'm waiting for is the midnight delivery of my chapter brief! W00T!
  14. We don't have Thanksgiving here, primarily because our turkeys have a hard enough time as it is, with Christmas. Adding Thanksgiving to their calendar would be a step too far. I am looking forward to meeting Tanner's dad - who might well require horsewhipping, himself.
  15. Ah, yes. I suppose you had to be there.
  16. @Cole Parker Died in the Wool - a play on words? “Dyed in the wool” is a phrase referring to people who hold very strong opinions and are unwilling to change them. ... In its literal sense, “dyed in the wool” means that the wool has been dyed before it is spun into thread. This produces a strong and long-lasting color.
  17. @R.J. While he's at it I wish he'd finish The Kingkiller Chronicle, too.
  18. Brandon Sanderson is one of my favourite fantasy authors. Considering he was first published (Elantris by TOR) in 2005 he has produced a huge amount of work - often several books a year. The Stormlight Archives, Sanderson's epic fantasy, is designed to have two 5 book sequences. Presently, we're at number 4 of the first sequence - the first book being titled 'The Way Of Kings.' However, three years before he was published he wrote a first version of the book now titled 'The Way Of Kings Prime.' Sanderson has now released The Way Of Kings Prime, for free. Also, he has had it read by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (who read all his other books), and that too is free. The Way Of Kings Prime - epub, mobi & PDF The Way Of Kings Prime - audio
  19. Good one, James. It is reminiscent of 'The Place In Between.'
  20. Chapter 11... Awww. I predict: Trip and James sitting up a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
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