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  1. Yup, though I've found the splits quite problematic as the tendency is to end up in hospital.
  2. Wonderful, Cole. As always. But the title... not so sure. Baby Steps? Hmm. Here's Cab Calloway's suggestion:
  3. Yes, as philosophies go it's one I'd thoroughly recommend.
  4. I still can't fathom how he got 70 million votes.
  5. Didn't have quite the same ending... or plot, and (as far as we know) Battleship X stayed within the bounds of E=MC2. A distant cousin?
  6. One of the greatest English comedy shows is Blackadder. This is the ending of the final episode of the last series, which was set in the trenches during first world war.
  7. You can't go wrong with Miss Piggy!
  8. Quite apart from the song being a real ear-worm, what's great about the video is that it's one take - shot in a village hall.
  9. There's a story in this - and even if there isn't it's still well worth reading: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-boy-who-became-a-world-war-ii-veteran-at-13-years-old
  10. Hopefully, the new sheriff can take over without a High Noon style gunfight.
  11. It appears Borton has lost his pres. Hopefully, he'll retain his sanity.
  12. HA! We've got ourselves a threesome!
  13. Borton is another peach of a short story from Cole. It might help if you've seen 'Cheers', but it's not necessary. Reading Borton has also answered a question I had about the election. I know just who Borton would have voted for! Read it here.
  14. Moi? Weird? Well, I never.
  15. Cole's 'Tricking and Treating' is a life affirming gem! In a sequel to 'A Valentine for Ryan,' Steven is now nine and just about to go trick or treating when...?
  16. 'Cyril' is a thoroughly lovely children's story, with some sly adult humour added for good measure. It's a must read! So what are you waiting for? Also, I learnt about filberts which was a boon.
  17. 'The Man in the Library' is a story with a large cast, that on the whole seemed a rather dry, though often amusing, family history. Nonetheless, the ending was superb! I can't say more without spoilers. Read it!
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