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Today, Tonight and Tomorrow


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Today, Tonight and Tomorrow

a poem/song by Codey

Today, we'll walk hand in hand in the park,

listening to laughing children while they play.

We'll bask in the glow of our newly re-found love

as you offer me a dandelion bouquet.

Today, we'll laugh and forget about the past

while we're playing in the warm summer rain.

With hands on our hearts, we'll swear this time forever

knowing neither can forget the previous pain.

Tonight, in dim light, I'll watch you as you sleep,

loving the sounds you make while breathing.

Fighting back tears, for all those lost years,

and trying to forget those things I've been grieving.

Falling asleep, with my head on your chest,

listening to the sound of your heart beating.

Reliving memories, old and new, as I'm lying there with you,

and hoping this time love won't be so fleeting.

Tomorrow starts our new life as it starts a new day,

and, together, our entwined hopes will be winging.

Lets not dwell in the past, that's all dead and gone.

Let's not fear what the future is bringing

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