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Population of US reaches 300 Million


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Camy, when I was younger I did my best to find out the number of gay men on planet Earth.

I think I gave up after verifying the first 5000 or so, and I hadn't even left Australia. :w00t:

I stopped my all important research in 1981 because of the threat of HIV/Aids.

I have met other "research workers" who have been able to verify numbers much in excess of my own feeble attempts. :icon1:

I don't know about there being an awful lot of closets out there, but I can certainly tell you that many people were found huddled together in small rooms at the local sauna. :w00t:

Seriously, the basic possibility for people to have a gay experience is quite high, but those people do not define themselves by those experiences. Now if we defined sexual orientation, by the "potential" to be gay, then the figure would go through the bedroom ceiling. :w00t:

Many Str8 people I have spoken to have admitted that HIV has saddened them, not only because of it being a debilitating, horrible illness not to mention a senseless epidemic, but also because it has impeded there own daydreams about a same sex encounter.

I think that is a very telling response about human sexual interaction.

Never fear! We are everywhere. :lol:

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