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2006 Reader's Choice Awards


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I?ve noticed that the writers on this site are in serious need of some shameless self-promotion, so I have taken the initiative to start the 2006 Awesome Dude Reader?s Choice Awards.

Being a blatant rip-off of the academy awards, we will need some nominations to start off this gala event. Send your nominations to me via e-mail or PM and I will post them at the end of the year. They must be from a submission hosted on AD that has been posted during 2006 and fits one of these categories:

-Most original story:

This goes to the author who has written something like you?ve never read before, and far more than, ?A cute twink and a hung jock meet for the first time and get it on 5 minutes later.?

-Most acrid use of clich?:

This award goes to the writer who is most likely to write, ?A cute twink and a hung jock meet for the first time and get it on 5 minutes later.?

-Best use of verisimilitude (storytelling that acts, sounds, looks real):

This is for the author who can take you on a stroll through their story and point out the most colorful parts of their imagination without leaving the computer.

-Best use of dialogue:

This is for the author who gives great lines to great characters. Be it fluid, witty, quick or deep, if it was fun to read, it?s worth a nomination.

-Best use of narration:

For the author who can tell a great story without letting his characters get a word in edge-wise.

-Best minor character:

There are no small roles, just small characters. And half of you should be ashamed for what you just thought of.

-Best main character:

For the author who created a character who was able to help you laugh, cry, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

-Best short story:

For the author of the short story who made a big impact in a minimal amount of text.

-Best Poem:

For the poet who used their lyrics to touch lives and left no stanza un-paired.

-Best chapter:

Novels on AD have their highs and lows, so pick a part from your favorite story that impacted you the most and made you ask, ?When the hell will they finish this thing??

-Best Author:

For the writer who can tell an enthralling story at the drop of a hat and exemplifies all the qualities we hold dear at AD.

Nominations can be anonymous, but should include:

-The name of the person nominated.

-The story or part of a story that made you want to nominate them.

-Why you think they should win.

Once I have the nominations, I will post the top 5 in each category and we will then vote on them. The deadline for nominations is Jan 5 2007. After that, I will compile and post the results of the nominations and we can all vote, the final results being posted Jan 15 2007.

And this is all on the honor system. I trust you guys to send one vote per person the same way you trust me to give you factual results. This should be a lot of fun for everyone and should inspire us all to up the ante when it comes to our works.

May ADRCA ?06 begin!

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This event has been officially handed over to the admins of AD, which is the first official act of any kind involving the awards (sorry, Dude). It will be, henceforth, re-worked and implimented in an official, efficient and far more amiable method than it would have been before. But questions/comments can still be sent to me since the admins have been getting enough already.

As you were.

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