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News and Views-December 10, 2006

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News & Views December 10th 2006

ALL VISITORS AND NEW MEMBERS, please visit the new Welcome Forum in AD Forums for detailed instructions by yours truly on how to get the most from Awesome Dude website and Forums! Registration is not necessary to read in the Forums.

Hey, dudes and dudettes, we?ve got a lot of great new stuff for you this week; so fetch a snack, a pillow, get comfy and ready to read!

New Serial Stories and Chapters

New Novel! Ever want to visit the planet Mars? This collaboration between two fantastic AD Authors, EleCivil and Ryan Miller, takes you under the biodome in Ragnarok, Chapter One!

Popular Author Terry O?Reilly?s romantic and sexy One Night in December updates to Year Two this week!

New AD Author Cole Parker gives us Chapter 2 of Prom!

New AD Author Captain Rick gives us Chapter 4 of Sky?s the Limit, which will now move to updates on Wednesdays and weekends to increase your reading enjoyment! It will be immediately followed by another novel by busy Captain Rick, also posted twice weekly! Can you keep up? Captain Rick hopes so!

Longtime Author Sequoyah added chapters 5 and 6 this week to his current novel, Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels!

You can also visit http://www.sequoyahsplace.com/ in our Family of Sites for access to all his work, complete and in progress!

Beloved Author Jamie brings you Chapter 15 of The Scrolls of Icaria, Book 2!

Chapter 2 of hard-working Ryan Keith?s Zak and Kayden is online!

Joel, past master of sexy characters and realistic settings, brings us another installment of Mystery and Mayhem at St. Mark?s, chapter 9 is online!

And, last but not least, our adorable and multi-talented Author/Poet/Musician Camy gives you Chapter 5 of Seraph!

New Short Stories and Audio

New AD Author Nicholas James starts his tenure at Awesome Dude with two short stories: the bittersweet A Christmas Letter and Obligation to Myself, one boy?s struggle against bigotry and hate.

Audio Buttons and clean clips have been added to the following TR tales: Exothermic Reaction, The Sacred Band of Thebes, Elegy for a Fairy, A Fondness for Pickles, and Something About Tom! TR is working on more and better prose audio clips for your enjoyment!

You?ll also find a plethora of Audio Buttons featuring the poetry of AD Poet (and Poetry Editor) Gabriel Duncan at Lonely Ocean, part of the AD Family of Sites. Hear Gabe read his own fantastic poetry at http://lonelyocean.co.uk/ --click on Poetry from left menu!

AUDIO BUTTONS: new one-click audio ?wimpy? buttons?click once, download nothing, open nothing, just click and hear the author read his story in his own voice! No hassles, just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the story in the actual author or poet?s voice.

Contact Story-Editor TR if you?d like to your story to have a wimpy button, and Poetry-Editor Gabriel Duncan if you?d like your poem to feature one. Files must be mp3s and relatively clean to upload as wimpy buttons.

Send your 2006 holiday stories in ASAP to story-editor@awesomedude.com

Poetry Corner Update

Four great new poems at the Corner! Poet Alex K.'s Hey (Hey Do You Remember Me?) and Unsure Label and Poet Aaron Bergeron's The Only Chance and Untitled.

Visit the Poetry Corner from the top right front page of Awesome Dude! Poetry Corner Submission Guidelines have been UPDATED, read the new Guidelines from the front page link or at Gabe's Guidelines.


Our basic raison d'?tre for AwesomeDude Radio is to provide you music to listen and write to and of to support our community at AwesomeDude.com while having some fun.

Thanks to all who have provided their favorite tracks for inclusion in our playlists!

If you have broadcasting or speech/drama experience or just a desire to help... contact The Dude at dude@awesomedude.com or TR at story-editor@awesomedue.com. We pay broadcasters at the same rate we pay our authors... which means we all do it for the fun and satisfaction it brings.

REMEMBER to read the new Submission Guidelines before submitting prose or poems to the Poetry Corner.

ALL VISITORS AND NEW MEMBERS, please visit the Welcome Forum in AD Forums for detailed instructions by yours truly on how to get the most from Awesome Dude website and Forums! Registration is not necessary to read in the Forums.

That's all the news for this week. Have a great time reading!


TR, who wants a PermaPuppy for Christmas!

"Sometimes there?s a man, I won?t say a hero because what?s a hero, but I?m talking about The Dude here, and sometimes there?s a man and he?s the man for his time and place, he fits right in there, and that?s The Dude. ? ~The Big Lebowski

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Guest Rustic Monk

What's up, Gabriel Duncan here. Poetry Editor at AwesomeDude.com. I updated the Poetry Corner Website last week. I'm pleased to announce that we have two more poets. Aaron Bergeron and Alex K. And, if you haven't heard enough about it yet, I've made changes to the submission guidelines. Just added more requirements and stuff I think will make it easier for both sides.

The Poetry Corner Website can be found at Http://poets.awesomedude.com

To read more about the update and the new poets we have, go to Http://poets.awesomedude.com/picks.htm

To read the NEW SUBMISSION GUIDELINES, go to Http://poets.awesomedude.com/submissioninfo2.htm

Feel free to email me.



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