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News and Views-December 17, 2006

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News & Views December 17th 2006

ALL VISITORS AND NEW MEMBERS, please visit the Welcome Forum in AD Forums for detailed instructions on how to get the most from Awesome Dude website and Forums! Registration is not necessary to read in the Forums.

Well, first off, let me relay that The (Awesome) Dude is overwhelmed with the commercialization of Christmas this year and thus decided not to weigh down AwesomeDude.com with campy wreaths and singing Elves?and he also decided not to run non-stop Christmas music on ADR. His Dudeness guesses that if you want that stuff, you know where to find it?and AwesomeDude will just keep on doing what it does best, bringing you the best online prose, audio, music and poetry in an easy-to-navigate site format.

Onward and upward?

Hey, listen up, dudes and dudettes, because we have some great new chapters plus another brand new novel for you this week!

New Serial Stories and Chapters

First off, we?ve snagged BoN and Nifty Prolific Author Cole Parker as one of our new AD Authors, and he?s brought us something new that?s as unusual as it is enjoyable?an anthology of boys? stories called Celebrations Across the Calendar! These stories are about different boys, unnumbered and of varying lengths and themes, but all tie into the calendar Title Page.

I read a lot as The Dude?s Story Editor but this batch held me riveted, I literally could not stop reading once I started?and I predict that you won?t be able to resist the series, either. The first story, Halloween , is online and the others will follow twice a week (plus on Christmas and New Year?s Day), so keep checking back for more boys? Celebrations from Cole Parker.

And, just as great, our fantastic new writing duo, EleCivil and Ryan Miller have chapter 2 of Ragnarok for us! Visit Mars with these two great AD Authors, but don?t expect standard sci-fi fare when you arrive! Alternating chapters, this author team is bringing us a fast paced adventure in one very unusual setting, under the biodome of the Red Planet.

Is that all? No way, Jose!

Terry O?Reilly?s sexy and fun One Night in December updates to Year Three! Showing horses and showing love, romantic and paternal, are just two subjects dealt with in this wonderful tale from Terry! Have some eggnog and catch up with Year Three!

Captain Rick adds chapters 5 and 6 to Sky?s the Limit! Remember that this story, like Cole Parker's Prom and Celebrations, will update again mid-week.

Our unparalleled AD Author Sequoyah makes the deadline this week with chapter 7 of Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels!

Joel brings us another installment of Mystery and Mayhem at St. Mark?s: chapter 10 is online!

And, last but definitely not least, hardworking Aussie and AD Author Graeme brings us Book 2, Chapter 16 Heart of the Tree!

New Short Stories and Audio

Great new AD Author Abraxas brings us Christmas for Joshua, a sharp and sweet holiday story that?ll hit the spot. Welcome our new Author Abraxas and don?t miss his Yuletide offering!

Yes, just one new short story this week but don?t despair, many more are in the works. If you?ve got a tale you?d like us to consider, send it to story-editor@awesomedude.com after reading the newly updated Story Submission Guidelines on the AD front page.

AUDIO BUTTONS: new one-click audio ?wimpy? buttons?click once, download nothing, open nothing, just click and hear the author read his story in his own voice! No hassles, just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the story in the actual author or poet?s voice.

Contact Story-Editor TR if you?d like to your story to have a wimpy button, and Poetry-Editor Gabriel Duncan if you?d like your poem to feature one. Files must be mp3s and relatively clean to upload as wimpy buttons.

Poetry and Story Submission Guidelines have been updated! Please read before submitting to either Editor.

NEW this week (12/17) at AD Family Site Codey's World

Codey's World - 2006 Holiday Story Collection

~ By guest and hosted authors ~ Our gift to you and your loved ones

Codey's World

....One boy's dream

And...that's all the news that?ll fit. Have a great time reading! Next update will be on Christmas Eve.


TR, who wants a PermaPuppy for Christmas!

"Sometimes there?s a man, I won?t say a hero because what?s a hero, but I?m talking about The Dude here, and sometimes there?s a man and he?s the man for his time and place, he fits right in there, and that?s The Dude. ? ~The Big Lebowski

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