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By the Shimmering Shores of the Sea

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By the Shimmering Shores of the Sea

Old Cold Castle stands by the shores of the sea,

Wherein lives a lost boy in tower of stone

That rises high by the shimmering sea:

The color of bone, washed pale in the foam,

A white summit of stone,

A bright tower of bone

There by the shores of the shivering sea.

In tower enchanted is boy all alone

Near those sultry shores by side of the sea-

Imprisoned unknown, behind a locked door,

A dark daunting door to which is no key

No key for that room

No key for that lock by the sea

No key for this boy by the side of the sea.

Alone, so alone, in his tower of bone

Is this sweet sorrowful son by the sea;

Bewitched and bespelled, by enchantment felled

And cloistered alone, in tower is held

This boy with bright blues,

Glimmering eyes as blue as could be,

Eyes like shimmering hues of the sea.

That room so alone, in tower of stone

Behind a locked door, is all he has known,

And so all his days, does cry and does gaze

Out stout stone windows that look on the sea

Out at the blue sea:

Looking out at blue sea, longing to be free,

Lives boy in stone all alone by the side of the sea.

Old Cold Castle still stands by the shores of the sea

Where tower imprisons him, alone as can be,

By the shore of the shivering, shimmering, glimmering sea;

In tower of bone, he?s crying alone,

He spends all his days gazing out at the salt sea

Enchanted, ensorcelled on shores of the sea:

That lost lonely boy?he is me.


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