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Cupid?s Adept

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Cupid?s Adept

pluck your blade from out my heart

douse those oh-so-charming smiles;

your wield Love like a Dark Art

wherein punishment beguiles

I?ve long loved the Sorcerer

and lain thirsty by the well;

yet not been an enquirer

nor heart likely to rebel

time for me to walk away

clothed in tattered dignity,

searching for words to convey

this cold actuality

I?ve long played the Fool for Love

I?ve bled and crept and wept,

suffered slings and arrows of

Cupid?s lone heartless Adept

will you notice that I?m gone?

no warm shadow at your side?

yes, your victim has withdrawn

for he tried, he cried; Love died.


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