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Cupidic machinations


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Cupidic Machinations

by Camy

"Ouch! where did that come from?" he said

plucking the arrow from his breast

As he glanced across the dining hall

at the one he hated - but now loved best

"Oh no he's seen me looking!" he muttered

and forlornly sunk his head on chest

Then on his next sneak peak their eyes locked

and they both felt a deep unrest

"No, no, no, this can't be real!" he cursed

as both of them got to their feet

And in front of all their friends

they blushed, then kissed and finally were complete

Laughing in the rafters

Cupid danced with glee

"Another couple of pining fools

are happy now, thanks to me!"


Valentine's day is nearly here!!!

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