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Jake 'The Ferret'.

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Jake ?the Ferret?

by Camy

I could curse you!

I could - but I won't;

For I love you much more than

Jake ?the Ferret? loves Bobby, his Stoat.

Down the trousers, up the tunnel

Commonality?s we both share:

Though Jake's are real, and mine just dreams,

He doesn't worry if people stare.

He doesn't mind if people whisper,

He doesn't mind if people scream;

Jake's singularly single minded,

Heap dead Rabbits - his only dream.

I'm far too shy, and he's born to kill;

A big difference I'll freely allow.

Though guys are better than Rabbits,

And alive in bed - not dead, I'll avow.


I have not the vaguest idea where this came from, though I have seen several Mink recently.

A few nights ago I saw two baby Badgers. They were waddling up the middle of the lane, and I had to follow them slowly 'cause they were panicking, unsure where to go. Cuteness personified.! :icon10:

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