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Advertising in the 21st Century

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I discovered this ad today, and still am not sure I believe it. You can take a look yourself at:


It's an interactive ad. By clickiing on the razor in the lower corner after you've seen the initial video, you can bring up additional footage. Be sure to activate the Music Video before leaving.

There is some actual product endorsement in this, but it's not offensive within the context of what's happening. I'm certainly not endorsing the product, merely looking at what to me is a remarkable advertisement, one I find difficult to believe a major company would stand behind.

I loved this, the tone, the actor, the whole enchilada.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Other than the fact they need to do one directed more towards the gay segment of the population?


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You are 100% correct. This is one hell of an "out there" advertisement.

I played all the links. Well worthwhile.

I think it is already aimed at a multi-sexual man.

Gay men aren't silly you know, they will quickly see the benefits.

Thanks so much for sharing that.

If I hadn't seen that I would never have thought of using it on the carrots, though.



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