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Gays in the Military


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Obviously there were no gays in the military in this WWII era recruitment poster- despite the coy looking blond twink servicing all those pipes and valves.


Nothing homo-erotic at all about this big, burly sweaty man slamming that big shell home...


This WWI era recruiting poster is looking for young men and seamen...


Oh well, leave it too the marines to know where the action is.

Semper fi, do or die, Marine Corp, Marine Corp, Marine Corp!


I mean absolutely no disrespect to any of the services... even the Air Farce. I just wish that I had the oppertunity to serve and... maybe a few rights to fight for.

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We Air Farce vets resemble that remark (may the farce be with you!)! :wub:

Still, while I served a full career, it sucked that I had to do so from the back of a very dark closet. The only way this ever gets fixed is if we find a president with a big set of cojones willing to face down his general staff with the same moxie that President Truman did. He basically told them to integrate the armed forces or hand in their stars. The generals were the ones who blinked. I suspect that what it would take is a President Hillary: she clearly has a bigger set than her philandering husband.


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