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I like football


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Well actually, i don't. I don't get the rules and it looks like a good way to fracture something.

But I do like a story on Nifty that i recently found, call (here comes the surprise!) I Like Football. It's by Norm Millberry, in the college section of Gay men and it's very cool. the most recent chapter (there are only 3 at this time) was posted Nov. 10th.

The mother of one of the guys is the best character, i swear. But they're all good!



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football is so weird. I never understand the terms, the tactics used, and the whole scoring system.

I like the men in tight pants, but most of them wear cups that just take away all the fun.

I only like football if it isn't professional and is part of the local culture. Our city is a Rams city. They summer camp here, we have rams radio, and they are a big economy boost. Hell, for 8 weeks in the summer all there is around town are rams players, coaches, fans, and family.

Jase ;0)

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