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Jay B's novel

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Regarding: Jay B's novel 'And Dream My Dreams Of You'

I am slowly working my way through the many fine poems, stories and novels

posted on AD. The sequence is arbitrary, so please (you other fine authors)

do not feel 'left out' if I have not yet commented on your work(s) as an author.

I have just quickly read through Jay B's novel 'And Dream My Dreams Of You",

with immense respect and satisfaction.

Jay B shows integrity: both as an author in general, and as a good storyteller.

His ability to plan out and maintain a good story line; his attention to detail

regarding his plot and the development thereof; and his characters is

commendable. He possesses the innate ability to hold the readers' attention

without the usage of tricks or gimmicks -- i.e. to give visual recognition without

spelling out every thought or action in a sensational way . I am proud to note

that Jay B has chosen the genre of "gay literature" as one of his forms of literary

expression, and at the same time I hope that his tremendous writing talent

is boundless (that is to say that he uses this unique writing talent to approach

other genres and topics/themes as well). This because I see in his writing

(based on just this one novel) a promise and a potential that most established

writers would commend, and perhaps envy.


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What's there is basically good, but the one problem I have with it is a common one with a lot of stories: not enough is happening. I feel like the author could have compressed six chapters into two and it would've still worked as well, told more quickly.

One can also argue that the "guy falls in love with his best friend, who insists he's not gay, only he eventually admits he IS gay" has been done far too many times. But I though the quality of the writing was good, and I think it had some very real emotion in it that stuck with me, and that counts for a lot.

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