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by Camy

The posties red van arrives

A shiver straight down the spine

Bills to break a Camel's back:

beat him with a paper spline

Is it right the way you do business?

To threaten, cajole, then destroy.

Is it wrong to eschew the letters you send,

and the telephone calls you enjoy?

Yes! - the blame's squarely the Camel's

For the credit you offered he grasped

Now you sit in your tower taping those keys,

as you demand a pound of his arse

You don't offer 'A Worry Free Future'

You are not 'Our Global Friend'

You are Shylock PLC dot com,

and you've started a worrying trend

The Devil sits on your shoulder

And offers you ersatz cigars

As you giggle and plot our downfall,

while you pick a new company car


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