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Spam III


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Spam III

by Camy

Euphemistically speaking my member's a phallus

or is it the other way around?

Then frankly, quite honestly I don't give a damn

Provided he amazes and astounds

I've known a Pecker, a Pete - seen a Putz

And my friend Little John has a Ron

But naming my chap isn't top of the list

As I'm in training for 'The World's Biggest Dong!'

We met on the net my trainer and I

When I clicked on a lewd and rude spam

He seemed quite upset that I wasn't fourteen

But a grown man of thirty called Bam

I'm sure to win - my trainer told me so

Though I questioned the envelope of cash

When I met him in the men's room at the station

I was worried I might get a rash

He suggested he hold my wallet

Whilst I stripped for publicity stills

More fool him I thought gleely

As I pretended I was a policeman called Bill

Clutching his chest he fell over

It was really quite poignant at the last

As I had his spam emails safely in my bag

And didn't get to shove them up his arse

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