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News & Views - January 13, 2008


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Hi Gang,

Another fun week of reading with a lot of speculation about where Cole Parker's current serial novel Duck Duck Goose is heading. I have to admit... I'm caught up in it myself as I force myself not to read ahead and enjoy the story with our readers as it is actually posted on AwesomeDude.

Jeet by Josh is another that holds a high level of interest, week in week out. We want to thank Caleb from Down Unda for his really classy novella, Child Of The Theatre. Good work, mate! He has another story in the works which we hope to bring you here at AwesomeDude as well. More on that as it develops. Sequoyah is waiting for the latest chapters of Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels to come back from his editor in Australia we'll be resuming that story as soon as they're available. Ruwen Rouhs Chapter 10.1 of Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens arrived late and after deadline so the professor's sitting in the corner with his face to the wall... as is AwesomeDude policy. :icon_tongue:

And don't let me forget, a new novel, a sequel to Ryan Miller's Bonding Energy and Opportunity Cost, is now in serialization here at AwesomeDude. It's called Point of No Return.

So for the Current Serial Novel Chapter Updates, here's the rundown:

Point Of No Return by Ryan Miller - Chapter 1

One Moonlit Night by Steven Keiths - Chapter 9

Child Of The Theatre - A Novella by Caleb - Part Four Final

Jeet by Josh - Chapter 27

Duck Duck Goose by Cole Parker - Chapter 21

If By Chance by Nickolas James - Chapter 11

Outside The Foul Lines by Rick Beck - Chapter 6

Here's Looking At You, Kid by Douglas - Chapter 7

Desert Fantasies by Jack Scribe - Chapter 17

Moving On by Jack Frost - Chapter 11

Everybody's Wounded by Duncan Ryder - Chapter 13

Family and Friends Series by - Ron Robbins - Mac Part 14

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens by Ruwen Rouhs - Chapter 9.2

Thirteen new chapters in all... actually fourteen as Cole Parker posts chapters of Duck Duck Goose on Wednesdays as well.

We're working to improve our AwesomeDude Forums registration system. The automated system has been working but if we'd allow all those accepted by the automation, we'd be reading more spam than member postings... so we've recently been requiring manual validations. That system, hopefully, will be replaced by tweaks in the automation which might involve asking you questions during registration that you feel are silly or not necessary. Believe me, this spambot software is sopohistocated but it can't answer human type questions very well, so bear with us. Blue and I are working on this problem with help from some of our friends at other sites.

It looks like we'll have the entire site on our Navigation Menu system by our 4th Anniversary at the beginning of April.

AwesomeDude Radio has been moved onto a server in the same building as it's distribution point and remote controlled from here by me. It should result in much better reliability in getting the signal to you.

We're thinking of doing 'Celebrity Station ID's' again using the voices of some of the fabulous and famous authors here at AwesomeDude. We did that for a while last year and it was a hit. We have lots of new authors this year which should make it even more fun. More as this develops.

On a personal note... we're looking for new digs for AwesomeDude Headquarters... probably not too far from where we are now.... but far from a busy airport and the nightly motorcycle races that take place under our window... and VERY far from the beach where wild dogs roam and create mayhem in the early morning hours. I have decided to wait and make sure we don't have another homophobe in the White House before I move back to the USA.

That's it for this time... have a great week of reading!

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*crackle...crackle* Hello? *sound of long distance static* Hello? Dude, are you there? Dude, if you can hear me, stay by the phone and I'll call you right back.

Hey Dude, wow, this is a lot better connection. Yeah, this is Seattle. We were all sitting around drinkin' some of our fine microbrew earlier tonight and you name came up. We all said we'd been missing havin' you around, so I thought I'd give you a call. See, I hear you're looking for a new home for Awesomedude HQ, and thought I'd get our bid in early. I think we'd do a fine job of hosting you, the site, and all your kitty buddies.

Oh, you're all ready thinking about us? Awesome! We'll see about getting that non-homophobe in office, and get back to you then.

All right, then. Bye!

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