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AwesomeDude Radio now in Windows Media


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Here's some news for those who hate to download software, free or otherwise.

AwesomeDude Radio's streaming host has just made available Windows Media streaming service and by being a current shoutcast broadcaster in good standing, we qualified for a very reasonable introductory rate on high quality Windows Media Service.

I've added 20 64K full quality 44.1Khz streams in Windows Media to our 60 current aacPlus 32K streams. Quality is about the same but if you're a dial-up modem user, you might want to stay with the current stream and use Winamp.

So now you will see under the AwesomeDude Radio heading at the top right spot of the AwesomeDude Home Page the choices of Listen in Winamp - Listen in Windows Media. Below, the Streaming Information link will take you to the AD Radio Home Page as usual. Clicking Winamp will open the Shoutcast stream and clicking Windows Media will open the WMA stream.

Any questions, don't hesitate to write me at dude@awesomedude.com

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