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Thus, the flashing teeth, the lengthy smile,

Reveal a powerful emotion, one so vile,

For its presence is felt and seen.

You stigmatize, you criticize,

You sensuous daughter of conspicuity!

You fake and shatter all the amity

That was given without compromise.

For a joke or death of foe:

One so loud, one so low,

As you might think yourself belligerent,

You are all! But not intelligent.

It might be better, you will see,

To hide, to grit your ivory,

To speculate upon a possibility

That others might express affinity

For things not quite so cruel.

So next time, joking jester,

Without laughing do think twice:

A toothy grin, a timely smile,

Might just be sufficient gesture.

Author's note: Children can be cruel, can they not?

Maddy (:

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