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Homosexual behavior is common in nature

Guest Fritz

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Guest Fritz

I found this article in Scientific American interesting. Here is a link


Here is a small snippet of it. "Like most animal species, penguins tend to pair with the opposite sex, for the obvious reason. But researchers are finding that same-sex couplings are surprisingly widespread in the animal kingdom. Roy and Silo belong to one of as many as 1,500 species of wild and captive animals that have been observed engaging in homosexual activity."

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"Observed engaging in...." Gee, I guess nobody noticed the "Do Not Disturb" sign or the shades pulled down....

More seriously, it's nice to know it's common enough in other species.

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I have to say the article gives credence to my own thoughts and experiences.

The sexual labels are socially generated and get in the way of who we really are.

What I find particularly interesting is the observation that same sex attraction is conducive to peace making. This is one of my pet thoughts too.

But then again I am related to the Bonobo species according to some people, so I am likely to grasp at any theory to justify a free for all indulgence of immensely happy and satisfactory physical experiences. Peace at last. sigh... :lol::hehe:

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"Blessed are the peacemakers...."

Yes, it's out of context, sorry. I'd like to think "The Big Guy" would like the humor.


Whether you call it Nature in science, or God in religion, the evidence is that humans or animals do show same-sex behavior and attraction, including play/fun, release of needs, and love, though that last one's hard to quantify.

Maybe we should admit that it's built into us as humans to be able to express same-sex feelings and behaviors, for a variety of reasons, and if we accept that possibility, then we have to rethink whether it is "right" or "wrong" or simply just another option for living.

Many more teens and 20's now accept that and point out they don't want any label on their sexuality, because it's too narrow-minded. Now if only the rest of us could figure that out. It's a lot healthier, all around.

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