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fairy tale...sorta


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  • 7 months later...

I've been this one long enough to have links to new chapters in my inbox. There is something in the works

for publishing I think, but in any case, this story posts to Dragonwriter's Insane Journal before Nifty, so

i'm enclosing a link. If this happens to be a link to an earlier chapter, you'll find the others there with little

trouble, if you're not me that is, in which case i'd be back asking "how to..."


I love these characters, and the language captivated me immediately. I am always impressed when an author

is able to consistantly tell a tale in what is obviously a different "language" than their own; in this case it is of both

a different time and a different place, and is done consistantly chapter after chapter.

It's simply a fun and interesting read.


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