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Google tweaks Chrome licence text


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Google tweaks Chrome licence text

Google has rescinded an article of the user agreement for its new browser, Chrome, released on Tuesday. The initial agreement claimed rights over "any Content which you submit, post or display on or through" the browser.

Google reworded the agreement on Wednesday, leaving those rights in the hands of Chrome's users.


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Google Chrome Anonymizer

I stumbled across this page which has some interesting ideas for those interested:

I'm not certain I understand all the implications, but It is interesting. :lol:

From ghacks:

Google Chrome is using a client id variable in the file Local State which can be found in the user data folder of the chrome installation which is unique for every Chrome user. Privacy advocates are already warning users that the id can be used to create exact user profiles of a user?s actions while using Google Chrome.

It did not take long though before some users figured out ways to remove or alter the client id so that the collected data was useless for Google. This article is going to show three different methods of editing or removing the Google Chome user id to make sure that no permanent data can be collected when using Google Chrome.


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