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Why is it....


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that all our heroes are dead?

On the front page is a banner for Gay American Heroes and if you follow it to the homepage, all the heroes are murder victims.

What about those of us who survived and prospered despite the odds? Any old body can get murdered. It takes real character to survive IMHO.

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The real question is, what makes anyone a hero? I think it is strength, courage, and above all, if not a martyr, adulation or admiration by the populace. It is easy enough to be a martyr, but a gay guy who has displayed public courage and strength and is loved by the masses? Not yet. Not yet.

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Australia has gay heroes that aren't dead. Most of the 'heroes' though are sporting or media personalities, but we also have political gay 'heroes'.

Ian Roberts

Matt Mitcham (new addition :lol: )

Senator Bob Brown

Justice Michael Kirby

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