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News & Views - November 2, 2008


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Hi Gang,

Just an update to what is going at AwesomeDude.

Tuesday, November 4th, we'll be marking the first anniversary of the loss our dear young friend, Codey. Tim has been working on a Memorial Page which will be accessible from both the Codey's World and AwesomeDude website. Watch for the link.

In consideration of the part AwesomeDude Radio played in the final days of Codey a year ago, we have decided to keep the station going in remembrance. We have some 'hard core' listeners who also support this decision. We've been able to pare down the expenses by keeping ADR exclusive for AD members.

Speaking of expenses, we've added a way for those who have expressed a desire to contribute to the maintenance of AwesomeDude, it's Forums and Blogs, etc. At the upper left hand corner of the AwesomeDude Home Page we've made the AwesomeDude Kittly logo into an option for contributiions. We hope when our Forums Tech guru, Blue, digs out from the backlog of 'urgent' items, that he'll be able to put a link on the Forums main page as well.

Progress is being made toward adding a Master Story List to AwesomeDude listing all stories on the site in alphabetical order. Hoping to have that completed by the holiday season.

Blogs remain a bit of a problem. Due to a mandatory upgrade of the Blog software -which came with the Forums software upgrade- we are facing some skin compatibility problems. This is one of the 'urgent' items Blue has promised to address. Causing more confusion - is the fact that the Blog Main Page has changed. But I like the new format, just anxious to get the colors back they way they need to be.

We're still a 'work in progress' at AwesomeDude. You'll be seeing subtle changes in the layout of the Home Page but hopefully nothing that will cause heartburn.

Hiatus has ended for one of our authors - Simon Jimenez has resumed his Don't Let Me Down. He's also sent along a short story hed' done before starting on DLMD... it's People's Thoughts on Stuff. Welcome back Simon!

Hiatus is also about to end for the extremely popular The Scrolls of Icaria as Jamie is working to get more chapters written and AJ to edit them.

Good to see RJ, the artist formerly known as Rad Steven, back in the writing saddle with his newest serial, In A World of Fools.

Graeme is turning out chapters of a new and innovative serial novel, The Price of Friendship. Like all his stories, I'm hooked from Chapter 1. A year and a half ago when I was moving from one place to another in Borneo... and got lost in the shuffle. Graeme sent in a short story, End of the World, which has finally made it to AwesomeDude. Better late than never!

My Tortured Soul:FV by Tanuki Raccoon a.k.a. Write By Myself is generating more emails and comments than anything else he's written. You need to check it out and weigh in in the Forums.

Douglas is back with The Things We Do For Love, a story that's getting excellent critical comments in the Forums. Check out the story AND the comments.

Cole Parker is woring on a new story. Stand by for that!

And don't miss Halfway to Thirty by WBMS as well as Coffee and Dearly Beloved by our singing emu, Camy!

Remember to write your favorite authors and tell them how much their writings mean to you... it is their only compensation.

That's it for now. Lots of stuff here... have a great week of reading!

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Hi, yer Dude-ness. Yup, I have been helping out with projects at Codey's World, plus trying to catch up on my backlog of editing and (gasp) real world personal "stuff."

I will be looking at what the heck is up with the Blogs' appearance, to make it purty again, and to add a button or two to the forums (ADR and the contributions).

EDIT[01] {

The AwesomeDude Radio button is back in the forums.


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