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Grandma's Pride And Joy

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I wasn't going to read this. Had no intention of it. But a friend said it's not really A/Y so much because the adult is very young -- just 18 and completed high school. The kid's a bit young. I read it. It's written okay but not great. Needs some editing.

So why am I still even writing about it?

It's got GREAT flow. The dialogue is awesome. And, more importantly, it's a true love story. I've read all five posted chapters and he just writes a truly convincing story of two people in love. That's what I like a love story.

(A little too much sex, but that's my preference.)

I gotta' say, this story would make a GREAT addition here.

I loved it.

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I am finding the story quite good also.

It has sufficient human interest in the relationship and as Wibby says it does have great flow; and my preference would also be for less sex.

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