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Drive-In Spa

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Detox from Vegas, escape from LA.

Take trains into the past,

and in mesas of trash,

seek beauty.

Botox won't help the truth.

Lost in the desert to find yourself

among the discards,

and yet they're more advanced than our

fossil consuming,

cosmopolite society.

Resentment bourne of class struggle.

Underground percolation of deep-seated

desires for eternity and the ever-more,

never come to fruition.

We are in the land of evaporating emptiness

washed away by flash floods of


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Was the word "bourne" chosen deliberately, or should it be "born"?

I looked up "bourne" and the definitions are all nouns:

1. A small stream; a brook

2. A destination; a goal

3. A boundary; a limit

The first fits the talk of a flash flood further down and underground percolation, but the word "born" seems to fit the sentence better. :?


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