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Suburbian Mommy


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Suburbian Mommy

Rolling along in her SUV,

Teaching her kids their ABCs,

Careful not to make any waves,

Making sure her kids are saved.

Cheeks of rouge and perfect hair,

Brightest of smiles and infinite care.

Soccer balls and stains of grass,

Always sweet and never crass.

Ever dieting to keep her shape,

Perfection is a heavy weight,

Over time it begins to wear,

Ever more difficult to bear.

Under her perfect mask,

In silent desperations grasp,

She can not cook or clean enough,

Perfections demands are mighty tough.

So mommy finds a little helper,

In which she finds a little shelter,

In valiums sweet embrace,

Or a vodka slumber into grace.

At first it is not such a bother,

Who could begrudge a nap to their mother?

It helps her make it through the day,

Perfection has a price to pay.

Slowly she slips away,

And sleeps away the entire day,

Nothing matters much anymore,

To the kids she?s just a bore.

Things fall apart ever faster,

Mommy has a brand new master,

Perfection now fades into the past,

Mommy is lost in a deep shot glass.

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Some explanation for this might be in order.

The love of my life's mother was a drug addict and an alcoholic. It hurt him a lot because his Dad left and, well it was just a very sad situation.

It got to the point to where Jeff couldn't bear to be around her. She would say horrible things things to him- and by extension would hurt me too.

Once I was there and we were shooting hoops on his garage. She woke up and we were outside. She knew about us and she came outside screaming obsenities and anti-gay stuff at both of us in fron of God, the neighbors and everybody.

What made it so shocking to both of us was when she was sober, she was cool with us. She even claimed to like me and thought that I was good for Jeff. When she got drunk though, she was mean as hell.

You just can't watch someone you love go through this and be untouched.

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Well, the Rolling Stones would know what you meant too, which you've referenced in the poem.

James, meet Gabe; Gabe, meet James. You guys should hit it off some.

It took me a while to see what you mean. I didn't even realize that I had done that until you pointed it out. That's the problem with some rhymes- there's just only so many permutations that you're bound to run into one that someone else has used.

Let's see:

So mommy finds a little helper,

In which she finds a little shelter,

In valiums sweet embrace,

Or a vodka slumber into grace.

Mother's Little Helper:

...Mother needs something today to calm her down

And though she?s not really ill

There?s a little yellow pill

She goes running for the shelter of a mother?s little helper

And it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day...

I guess I could have said:

So mommy finds a pick-me-up,

That gets her real f-ed up,

In valiums sweet embrace,

Or a vodka slumber into grace.

It's just not as err... ummm graceful.

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I just figured it was a reference to their song. I didn't think it was misplaced or disrespectful of the Stones, either. I liked it.

Over time our minds pick up all sorts of mush from pop culture. It's not uncommon to see people "steal" a line or a rhyme either consciously or subconsciously.

I tip me hat to Mick.

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