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Action against Spam.

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All members, please note that in order to combat recent spamming, any member posting spam will be deleted along with their spam.

Normal posts with relevant links to our common subjects of interest do not count as spam. In any case genuine members would always be contacted before any action of this nature.

In addition to further decrease the chances of spam in private messages, there is now a time lock of 5 minutes in place between sending messages. We will review these measures from time to time.

Finally, I emphasize that these measures have not been adopted because of any misdeed by our genuine members, rather we are doing these things to protect you all and keep our little corner of the Net as awesome as it is.


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I just happen to be here and was in The Web Wiz forum when the spammer struck. I think a lot of sites are now taking the same stand against members who spam, they get banned and their IPS blocked. Or at the very least, they get put on Post Moderation.

Tho I've not seen it happen at any of the sites that I belong to, some sites have had the PM spamming problem.

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