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Confessions of a Rake


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Confessions of a Rake

In my youth I was a rake,

Many liberties I was known to take,

With handsome youths and their virtue,

By the mother of rivers swift and sure,

A mile wide, passions flame burned pure.

In the trees and on the grass,

On the emerald slopes of the hills,

We tasted glorious passion, exquisite thrills,

Rolling together under Southern stars,

Forgetting who and what we are.

In the day and in the night,

Delicious delirium and delight,

We lived and loved with all our might.

Ever with care to stay out of sight,

Guarded slyly against others slights.

My secrets I will never tell,

Because it is just as well,

Their names stay deep within my heart,

My treasure hoard of priceless art.

When Scotty saw a slithering snake,

In panic his clothes he forgot to take,

Streaking away he was a sight,

An absolutely pure delicious delight!

Drew was a regal prince with hair of fire,

Reckless with care and time,

Poison Ivy and Southern sun's ire,

Punished the lad for his crimes.

Brian was the fairest of them all,

His heart big but his frame was small,

In passions sweet embrace he would sway,

And in the heat faint dead away.

David's beauty was a thrill,

Enough to stay cruel winters chill,

From our passion heat smoke would rise,

Through the night till orgasmic sunrise.

Frank in soccer kit was grand,

No stouter a heart was there in the land.

He didn't look like he would be so loud,

In passion throes would roar right proud!

Sean was cute but very shy,

Deceptively innocent and sly.

He didn't look so very hip,

Until he pulled out his leathers and whip!

But it was Jeff that stole my heart,

So gentle a lad, a work of art.

In his arms I found my rest,

It was his heart that I liked best.

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