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by Camy

It's howling mad I tell you

It's howling mad I say

How could a boy from that family

ever turn out gay?

His parents love him dearly

He does pretty well at school

He sings in Church on Sundays

and mostly obeys the rules

He's dated girls I tell you

My daughter loves him much

Yet it now appears he's used her,

as a bloody societal crutch

She says she knew it all along

She says he never lied

But surely if God's plan was just,

a hint I would have espied?

A lisp, a mince, a bright pink shirt

None of them have I seen

So what on earth have I missed?

What made the boy a queen?


Queen? I'm not a queen!

Though I suppose you know no better

I'm the same boy I've always been

I like blue and hate florid sweaters

I love your daughter, but not that way

Why should it make a difference?

Unless you saw me as a son-in-law

Then I'm honoured, please accept my condolence

I can't change who I am

Frankly nor would I want to

I am more than happy in my skin

It's who I am .... Now, how about you?

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I like it...how about you?


You should include this in your gay opera.

It really is quite operatic Camy.

You could base it on Mozart's opera, but change the name to Cozy Trans Footy.


Love it as a poem too. :wub:

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