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Red White Black

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My first poetry...

Roses are red

like the blood of my hand

covered in it

I paint my sky red

Ivory are white

like the pale hands that beckon

in the full moon night

calling, whispering, murmuring in a deep sadness

pale as moon, of a snowy white

Ebony are black

like the empty sky

in the moonless night

that I carved my broken dream

tainted with death

as dark as the abyss's black

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All right, I'll admit, much poety leaves me scrathing my head. I can enjoy some of it, and just get lost with others.

Please explain the reason for the singluar nouns coupled with plural verbs. I'm certain there's a reason, but it escapes me. I may not be as literal as Trab, but I'm not far behind him.

Or is this another case of, if you have to explain it, you simply don't get it.


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I think the reason for what you mention is to simply get your attention, and for the symmetry of all the first lines. It's a great way to get people to stop in mid-sentence while reading the piece and re-read it, while not really changing much. Poetry is outside the laws of english writing. The writer can change and do w/e he likes to his pieces. There is even a genre of poetry where the location of ll the words is spread out in random locations and such across the page, like a piece of art. It allows the writer to be more creative that way

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