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Potential Kinetic

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Potential Kinetic

Built to specs then left to rest among

The Midwest?s rusted cars

I?ll be the brick that will reduce

The Glass City to down to shards

But stones just lie around

Unless they?re lent momentum

So I?m afraid I?ll need your hand

Before I can gain velocity

And change all this potential into

Violent kinetic energy

And smash the church, the state,

The pride, the hate,

The bosses, the cops,

The chains, the locks.

Until I?m thrown I?m left to languish

And my stony surface crumble

As I listen to the language

Of the revolution turn to mumbles.

And I call for compassion

While my own heart?s growing colder

Hear myself preach for community

While I turn my bleeding shoulders

On the game, on the streets, on the world.

A brick just sits until it?s hurled.

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Brilliantly stated, Ele.

We are all bricks, perhaps yet to discover our potential as brickbats -- or perhaps already used up to build the walls that protect the establishment.

James Merkin

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Wow, just wow, Ele. It's a poem that forced me to stop and think about it's powerful reality.

Colin :hehe:

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