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Two-thirds back gay marriage: survey

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Two-thirds back gay marriage: survey...in Australia :hug:

Don't know how I missed this one, but two weeks ago the Aussie ABC announced the results of a survey showing a definite majority of Aussies were in favour of gay marriage.

Read the full report.

Also see the reports in Adelaide's GLTBI news paper, Blaze.

Neither of the reports give any indication of when gay marriage will be made compulsory. :hehe:

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Good to hear but if their it was a vote would they keep their word?

The answer to that is to use the survey results to convince the legislature to allow gay marriage, thereby bypassing a national vote.

We don't have Prop 8 type initiatives in OZ, (that I am aware of anyway.)

Unfortunately it appears to me that the Christian Right has a prominent influence in our governments at the moment, and this will be difficult to overcome.

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Cole is correct to warn Fundies not to watch this as they could definitely find it not in accord with their beliefs.

Of course it could be argued that they are the ones who need to see it, but I doubt that they would get the humour let alone it altering their views, or enabling them to appreciate the irony inherent in the presentation.

I have already seen this video and several others like it. (As a heathen I find them amusing and satirical.) They are readily accessible on the Net. Many of these are used by assorted non-believers to attack religion, as well as by gay and straight people, many of whom are religious, but who argue against literal interpretation of the Bible.

My desire is to keep the forum discussions clear of becoming a religious/political battlefield for opinions that lead to open conflicts and personal attacks.

Blessed are the Peace-keepers, for they shall inherit the Forums.

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