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Clock Tower

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What do you hide, titan?

Is there a criminal inside

One so slippery, so translucent

That even his dark soul bears no resemblance

In your transparent windows?

Is there evidence of murder

In your colored face,

Or are your arms stained

With the blood from the criminal?s case?

Are you the shelter for orphans

Or homeless souls that would otherwise wander

The streets of New York

Or work the corners of Denver?

Or are you empty,

Are your walls web-ridden

And white-washed

Like my soul?

Or are you full of trinkets,

Of old books and photographs of a wasted childhood

And outgrown clothes and worn-sole shoes

Like my soul?

Or are you the reflection

Of countless souls.

Of those who travel without destination.

Are you simply a spatial metaphor?

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Maddy, your poems are thoughtful and very thought provoking.

You draw images in words and phrases that just make me want to sit back and wallow in the luxury of their richness.

Hidden in the words are powerful meanings ready to be examined many times.

You have a great talent.


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