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The Worst Place For Homosexuals

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>>just another tragic consequence of the U.S.-led War in Iraq.

This statement means the author is a political hack or a dumb ass. Take your pick. It's probably both.

Muslem extremists have been killing homosexuals for centuries. They even have proscribed methods for their execution. In Afghanistan, they collapse a wall on top of the accused. In Iran gays are hung- this often happens in public with great fanfare.

By loading this story up with political bullshit, he has diluted the message.

Bush is no longer in office. You aren't running for office and the left is running as fast and as far away from gay issues as they can.

It is time to quit pimping and pandering for the Left and tell them in no uncertain terms that it is time to deliver or the gay vote will find someone who will.

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This is precisely why gay rights are human rights.

But that doesn't really address the notion of what the freedom to enjoy those rights actually means.

We live in one of the most civilised times of turmoil the world has ever seen.

Not since the days of ancient Rome has a civilisation had such far reaching consequences for a significant proportion of humans living on this planet. There are hardly no unknown tribes or lands left to conquer. But Western civilisation as it is referred to, does not wholly have all the answers we need for world peace and harmony, and no civilisation has a holy answer acceptable to all.

It is probably fairly obvious that I am so far to the Left, that the Left leans towards me. I do not say that boastfully, or to encourage argument, just that during my conversations with many of you and the reading and watching of lectures on the Net, I have come to appreciate a view of freedom that the US has championed since its inception, since its founding fathers were so influenced by the Enlightenment thinkers in the formation of the US constitution.

A prophet should have been able to look at the earliest signs of the reasons for the War of Independence and predict that, slavery would be replaced with freedom, that sexuality would be recognised as a right of the individual's freedom, that enslaved peoples would be liberated from tyrannical regimes.

The truth of the matter is that freedom is still not an unalienable right for too many people in too many lands.

There are still those, even in our own back yard, who preach that society has the right to administer freedom, rather than ensure its availability as a Human Right.

The truth is, that the course of humanity's path to realising responsible freedom for every individual on the Earth is still developing.

US freedom combined with other ideas on personal responsibility may hold some of the answers to speed that development. It is difficult to predict exactly, until hindsight gives us the means.

Nowhere however, has a government fully released its citizens from the tyranny of its demands, whatever economical or political system they practise, and definitely not, where a religion is forced upon its people.

We still do not see in far too many places, the necessity for encouraging rational thought above social conditioning, for nurturing reason instead of belief, and beyond all, to realise compassion, not as some kind of good deed or pity, but as love freely exchanged and if exchange is not possible then freely given.

I think we are at a cross roads in human development of our cultures and civilisations. There are signs that we will abandon the silly momentary profits and rewards of conquest and acquisition, which were once necessary for our ancestors' survival. Just how peacefully we manage to realise the full extent of our humanity towards each other is not yet predictable, but in this present time, the freedoms we do have can be invested in such an aim.

Or we can choose from the less promising prospects, depicted in many of those stories that Hollywood makes into movies.

James makes very valid points, but I don't think the Left has finished yet, though I worry they have been bought.

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