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There is a news item in the Cleveland Plain Dealer today about Grady Sizemore. He's the Indians' center fielder and has been a fan favorite since his career began a few years ago. Especially teen girls' (and probably some teen boys'!) favorite because he's very good looking!

However, this isn't about that. Or is only peripherally. This is about choice of words if you're a public figure.

The news article today was about the fact that Grady took some pictures of himself and emailed them to his girlfriend. The photos were allegedly stolen from her account and posted on a website.

The following is excerpted from the article. It contains a quote from the The Indians' GM. This is in part what he had to say about all this. One could only wish he'd chosen his words more wisely.

At least 15 pictures of Sizemore appeared on the Web site. He is alone in all of them. He's taking pictures of himself with a cell phone while looking into a bathroom mirror in several of them.

In some pictures Sizemore is fully dressed. In others, he's in his underwear or nude.

"I have not seen the pictures," said GM Mark Shapiro, "but I will look into it."


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You can find them all at Deadspin.com. Although you have the most revealing one here, Pec.

Why am I not surprised to see his body as magnificent as it is? Pro athletes these days, ones who make several million dollars annually, probably mostly look like he does. Not all are as handsome, though.

The only thing here is, he's supposedly a really nice guy, kind of private, almost shy even, and this sort of thing is entirely out of character for him.


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