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Quebec announces anti-homophobia policy

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Quebec announces anti-homophobia policy

Updated: Fri Dec. 11 2009 2:11:27 PM


The provincial government is hailing it as a first in Canada and North America.

Friday morning Quebec's Justice Minister Kathleen Weil announced an official provincial policy against homophobia, with a wide-reaching series of measures to fight anti-gay discrimination.

They include recognizing the equality of sexual minorities, promoting the rights and wellness of the gay and lesbian community, and making the fight against homophobia a priority in public institutions.

However this policy is not an action plan, and does not contain any concrete steps for enforcement.

Weil announced that a ministerial committee will be formed by the end of January to deal with those issues.

Okay we have step one.

Now, let's hope the action plan, when it's in place, really has some concrete steps for enforcement.

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Oh for the day when anti-discrimination and anti-homophobia laws and policies are no longer necessary.

I'll buy the champaign the day when people no longer discriminate against others because there is a law but because it is just not right.


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