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Oh Holy Crap!


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O Holy Crap! (sung to the tune of O Holy Night)

O Holy Crap! My family is driving me crazy,

It is the night of retailers wet dreams.

Long will I pay on credit cards revolving,

Till all of this crap has no worth.

X-box, laptops, cell phones and cat calendars,

Why must we buy, this crap so aggravating?

In hopes of a glorious morning,

Marred by crying of tots over batteries forgotten,

It's rotten, so rotten and mean, so very mean.

Fall on your knees! beg for a credit limit extension!

O night debased, the night when Christ was born;

O night, O Holy Night , O night debased!

Crass materialism is born!

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It's my opinion that Capitalism takes the life out of, well, life, every day of the year. And when they began opening

special stores for Halloween I stopped being surprised by the lengths people will go for an excuse to spend money.

Thanks for putting it to music, James, we might as well have some humor about insanity as it doesn't appear to be

getting better or going away. Hard times? I'll believe they truly are hard times when people start acting as if they

are and doing something different,


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