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What do you all think about downloading stuff...like music? I was thinkin i could post a cd a week or somethin...if you guys aren't all Anti-downloading!

Nice idea, but don't get caught. That would be a Bad Thing. I have all-but given up my Napster & Limewire habits. I know people who've been busted and it's not worth the risk.

Mutter. Mutter. Mutter.

-- wbms

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Torrents are done dude.

The mpaa fucked them all over just cause of the movies.

Suprnova was the best, and they pussied out and quit.

LokiTorrent got their assess in trouble with a lawsuit.

And the only good ones anymore, are private ones, that you have to get invited to...

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I've never been a big torrent fan. I blame my 56k connection. Downloading entire discographies just isn't practical at 2.5 kbps.

I like SoulSeek, personally. It's slower than Ares/K-Lite/Limewire/etc, but it's got a lot of rare and obscure music that the others don't seem to have.

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