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Blacksmiths fight fire with fire

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It's been over a year since the massive bushfires swept through parts of Victoria (including near where I live) on what is now known as Black Saturday, but I'm still affected by stories on the subject. I just saw this one, and I have to share it.

Blacksmiths fight fire with fire

To all those from around the world who have been involved with this and other activities... thank you :hehe:

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Sobering while inspiring. We are entering our driest summer ever. The dryness is currently 3 months earlier than in our previous devastating year of 2003, in which huge areas burned, thankfully with little more than property damage, aside from the forests and all therein, of course. Some towns have created fire breaks around them, based in part on your Australian experience, but many have not. :hehe:

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The Tree is a wonderful and inspiring project.

Some very good friends got burned out (but survived) when half their community went up, in the mountains east of San Diego, California a few years back. The violence of a firestorm is overwhelming, and the massive force of a flood is implacable. Every year it seems we watch horrified while such disasters overcome the lands we think we have claimed and calmed. Yet we deny that we have contributed to these outcomes through our interference with the natural order. Isn't it time to think seriously how to remedy the relationship we have imposed on Mother Nature?


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