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I lost a friend.


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Sadly, an online friend of many years passed away yesterday. I never knew him in person, but he was a stalwart support to both me and others on the Asperger's Syndrome forum I moderate. George helped countless kids and adults with AS, not to mention parents of kids with it, learn about what can be achieved, and how to avoid pitfalls.

He drove some members there into wanting to rip their hair out, but it was because he wouldn't stop calling a spade a spade. Ever one for being truthfully accurate and not obscuring fact with fanciful fluff, he could drive those who tried to do so to the point of panic. Regardless of all that, he was probably the best support that any moderator could wish for, pointing out logic flaws in just about any topic.

Frankly, the man was brilliant. Not only was he a recording engineer without match, he was conversant on just about any legal possibility in the USA, having worked in law for some years as well. Just last weekend he finished a sound recording project with world class crew and talent, and was at the peak of happiness. Sadly, he had lost his service dog some time ago, and had not yet received a new one, which was to prove fatal to him. It seems he died of hypoglycaemia, a diabetic condition that is not detectable to the person but can be sensed by a service dog.

I have a heavy heart, which is strange when you consider that I also have a hole in it today.

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My sincerest condolences Trab, the loss of a friend on the Net is no less than such a loss in the 'real' world.

George sounds like a remarkable man whom it would have been a privilege to know.

As a sound recordist my self I am sure I would have enjoyed talking with him.

As a man it sounds like it would have been an honour to know him.

My deepest sympathies.


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Thank-you, Des. I find I can type about it okay, but when I try to talk nothing much but weepy sounds comes out. I guess this too will pass, but it's one of those sad realities of life that death awaits us all. At least he was happy and full of zest.

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That's very sad. A buddy of mine from my old job passed away this weekend as well, and I just got a text about it yesterday.

Hypoglicemia is a tough illness. I have a little bit of it myself, but I notice it only when I get weird mood swings if I don't eat often enough -- I either get very tired or manic. Once I eat, I'm fine. I can't imagine what a severe case would be...

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My condolences to you also, Trab. To be known and remembered fondly for ones approach to life is the finest tribute anyone can give, and you have done that here for George.

Every insulin-dependent diabetic goes to sleep every night knowing that a miscalculation can mean life slips away in their sleep. And the bugger about low blood sugar is that while in it's clutches, the simple remedy so close at hand becomes as if it were diamonds deep in a mine--the one clear thought and the move toward it are, across that very fine line, impossible to muster. One true friend who recognizes your pattern of speech or gait were once the surest hope, before we learned of the amazing sensitivity of dogs to do a quite better job of it with self-less reliability.

It seems sad we should have so many abandoned and abused domestic animals, dogs in particular are bred by human intention (in the US most certainly), and not have enough service dogs for those whose lives depend on them.

Something to be mindful of, but knowing it is your sorrow that affords the opportunity, gratitude, however heartfelt, is thanks with it's hands tied.


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