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Kindle and Awesome Dude

Guest Captain Phil

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Guest Captain Phil

Amazon?s latest Kindle now becomes at ?109 a very interesting item.

I shall be away from home a lot of next year and it strikes me that this is the answer to my reading requirements, in as much that if I can download from Awesome Dude, a lot of stories I like, I will be able to keep reading.

I have been told that it is possible to transfer a word document to the Kindle, so I have started to copy and paste from Awesome Dude, some of the stories that interest me.

However it is a tedious progress and means I shall need a lot of time to be able to put all the stories I want into my Kindle (Still to be purchased)

I currently copy and paste each individual chapter into a word document, but this in itself can be difficult as some times after doing a copy/paste there are no words visible and I have to select all and click on the font colour and make it black, it then comes up just fine, but chapters vary, some need it others copy just fine.

Any thoughts Camy would be much appreciated, from you or anyone else who has thought to do this and come up with a simple solution. I am not a very clewed up operator and simplicity is the watchword please.

The Amazon web site covering this item is very good, but I could not find the naswer to my question at http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002Y27P46/?tag..._sl_wie95adkd_b

The customer video review by M. Carr "SoftDog is excellent and covers just about everything.

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There's no fast and easy way to take individual chapters from a novel and paste them together to create a readable Kindle (or iPad) eBook. Because of the wide variance in choices of typeface, color, and so on, you'll have to create a format with the right-size font and color manually.

You could at least create a Word style sheet to do this globally, but you'll still have to cut-and-paste it manually. There are authors who will post entire stories as a single file (that is, a single page), but given that our work is done piecemeal, this is rare in my experience.

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Guest Captain Phil

Thanks Pecman,

I thought that was the case, and as you say I have found many chapters, of the stories I have so far transferred to word files, come with different fonts, so when completed I select all, and make a common font for the completed book.

Just have to persevere.

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I think that was The Dude's call. For whatever reason, that story got posted as one giant file -- but that one was completely finished by the time I submitted it here. Most of the time, each chapter is a work in progress. (Sadly!)

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If you do a Google search on "merging documents in word" you'll find how to do it with multiple documents in various versions of Word.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Guest Captain Phil

When I started this forum question, I was hoping that there might be a few others who might have already bought a Kindle reader, but there was no response so I went ahead and bought one.

It is an amazing little gadget (E Reader) Having read the bits and pieces on Amazon, I fully expected to be able to transfer from my hard drive word documents into the Kindle, unfortunately either I was just an idiot I don?t really know but the long and short was that I couldn?t.

So I went back to my original idea and downloaded a range of ?A D? stories into word, topped and tailed them deleting anything other than the actual dialogue. I now have over 30 stories from ?A D? in word format.

When I took delivery of the Kindle, there is also a Kindle Email address, which comes with it. So not being able to transfer from my hard disc to Kindle I sent all the files directly to the Kindle, which has a wifi built in. Enabling you to send anything to the Kindle. I have now successfully transferred all the stories onto my Kindle.

If any reader has a Kindle and would like to receive these files, I will be happy to send them to you, all I need is your Kindle?s email address ( The email address is provided when you buy the machine and is on the read out for you to use as you think fit.)

I also sent a picture but of course it is only in black and white. Transfer of files is very quick and costs nothing.

If you would like to receive the ?A D? files send me an email with your Kindle?s email address. (pjweaver69@hotmail.com)

Another feature I did not realise I had was that the reader can change the written word into speech, although not the best it is fun to hear the stories with headphone sand just lie back and relax, trouble is I usually fall asleep!

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I love the Kindle, and use my Kindle DX (original model) all the time. I'm not convinced it works well for internet fiction, though, because of the lack of formatting. It'd be more time than it's worth for me to go in and tweak the formatting on every novel I read online.

I could see the need for a *paid service* where for a small fee, websites would provide formatted PDFs or something of the stories, ideal for reading on a Kindle, iPad, or similar device.

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