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Suicide in Indiana


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The Castro and the Village are a far reach for an Indiana teen. Billy Lucas probably never heard of either or about:


Gay male teens are 3 times as likely to kill themselves than straight teens. Like it or not, these are our kids. The mean spirited mantra, 'they're recruiting yur kids,' is meant to scare us from helping gay teens, 'our' kids; our next generation in hater's minds, it's better for a kid to die than to be gay, or live among gays.

We all grew up gay, having powerful forces of hatred aligned against us. It's a hard road. It's no easier today and we can help those who come behind us.

I must admit, I have an aggressive gay agenda. I don't want gay kids bullied, beaten or brutalized.

An anti-bullying programthat might help is opposed by Focus on the Family, who claims, 'fighting gay bullying is to accent gays.' Focus would rather we all kill ourselves rather than live free of their hatred.

The LGBT Nation includes Indiana and we need to standup to let gay teens in middle America know we are there. We can no longer allow them to be destroyed for sport before they can grow into the beautiful creative beings they will become.

Billy Lucas may not have been gay but he died fighting our fight. He should be decorated for valor for dying under fire. He was killed by kids taught hatred in churches and homes. We need to speak up for Billy and all the gay kids that endure constant threats from the bullies.

We must not forget, Billy Lucas died for us.

If you are a teen in trouble or simply need to hear a friendly voice, The Trevor Project is there for you. They will listen to yu.

Thank you to The Trevor Project for fighting for our gay teens. No Peace in my world today. We ae at war against hate.

Rick Beck

Dude's note: We're reorganizing the Rick Beck page at AwesomeDude at the moment and it will be back again soon along with a new Rick Beck blog, covering topics like this one. Here are some links referring to what happned to young Billy:




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We are all in this fight against hatred and bullying.

See my entry at Brody's Notes and Scribbles.

Just scroll down to my entry, and also see Brody's entry just below mine. We are both very disturbed (to put it mildly).

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Doesn't sound like the Greensburg teachers and the Principal aren't doing their jobs if they are not controlling the bulling going on. Such a waste of a young life.

The local law enforcement should have sent a patrol car out to check to make sure things were actually okay on the farm. It might have a difference.

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