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Can't Access Awesomedude Home Page


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I do no seem to be able to access the home page for Awesomedude. I can get everything else. When I try to access the home page to check my story orread someone else's, however, the page flashes on the screen, then I get a message from Internet Explorer saying it has stopped trying to access a crashed site. This problem began sometime Saturday, and has persisted ever since.

My own computer skills are very limited, so I have absolutely no idea what is causing this, or what to do about it.



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Our amazing AD master, Mike, solved the problem for me. It had to do with the Java script which runs the update announcements on the home page, and the fact that I had updated Internet Explorer on my computer, but if you want the technical details, you'll have to ask him. All I can do is bow in awe before his superior wisdom.

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Just for the record - to help those who might encounter this problem in the future - the answer lay in Microsoft's propensity for updating Internet Explorer constantly and automatically, which often causes third party suppliers like Java, Adobe and others to scramble to make their useful support softwae for IE constantly compatible.

This is apparently the case when Microsoft conducted a recent 'IE update', causing his current version of Java - which powers the Marquee running across the AD Home Page - to be outdated and in this case non-functional. The problem was further compounded by our intrepid author's having told IE not to display pop-ups which included, unfortunately, Java's notice to him to update his Java.

If you are a regular at AwesomeDude and have a problem like Perti's you'll now know how to solve it... go to Java's site (www.java.com) and install the latest update. AwesomeDude Radio, by the way, uses flash technology and if you suddently can't get the music, do the same with Adobe Flash Player.

Mike (a.k.a da dood)

P.S. After nearly a week of back-and-forth emails between Perti and me, the solution came as I enjoyed a midnight soak in the Jacuzzi. Seems when you switch off the 'conscious mind' the unconscious one often comes up with a solution. Fortunately, where I live here at The Geezer Arms in Palm Springs, the Jacuzzi is one of the perqs. I soak at midnight as the 'Eye Candy' at this kind of facility is not. :wave:

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