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Another "Looking for a story" request

Guest rottenjonny

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Guest rottenjonny

This one is told from the POV of a high school boy, whose best friend was abducted when they were younger, and the friend returns and ends up living with the protagonist. The kidnapped friend is very standoffish. This story is not "Taken", which I have also read. Ring any bells with anyone?


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This sounds very similar to a story by DomLuka, Leave The Pieces. It's currently not available tho on his site at Gay Authors.

A first boyfriend, loyal friends, a stepfather he could do without, the snakes, frogs and lizards that hang out with a nice guy who wants to be more than friends, and the return of his best friend, who was pulled into a strangers car when they were eight years old and disappeared. No one ever told Jesse that growing up would be easy. When it wasn?t, he was always confident that he could hold his own. But one situation after another reduces even the sturdiest parts of his world to pieces.

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Guest rottenjonny

That's the one gents. As soon as I saw the bit about the "frogs and lizards" I knew you had nailed it. Thank you both so much. I have a feeling it may not be complete yet though....

Thanks again!

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