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Beautiful Creature

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Greetings all! I have not been as active as I should be. I got a bit discouraged when I lost everything to my first story Transient just as it neared completion. I've sulked for a good 4 months over it, deciding to give up on it. My mind wouldn't have it, however, and am now going to start from scratch. So I'll be doing that for awhile. For now, enjoy this short poem I just made.

Peace -


Beautiful creature,

how you've captured me.

You lured me in with those blue eyes,

and I got swept away,

with my breath caught in my chest.

Your dazzling smile made me melt,

and I was puddled to mush,

as my legs gave 'way.

Your lips, demons though they were,

invited me to a kiss,

and I fought for self restraint.

Oh Beautiful creature,

how you've killed me!

For now I know the truth,

of myself, and of you.

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