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BRAZIL: Anti-Gay Televangelist Charged With Embezzling $300M


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Guest Dabeagle

Oh dear, you've gone and done it now. When it comes to religion and politics I'm reasonably certain no real effective discourse comes of it. Saying liberal to one group is just as anathema as saying conservative to the other. Religion is just as bad, and possibly even more destructive.

I disagree with you, but not in the way you might think. Rather than reserve any religions I'd do away with them all if I had my d'ruthers. Catholicism has a long and bloody history as do the pages of the bible if one chooses to read. The same can be said of the Koran. The Jewish faith contains at least as much nonsense as the previous two and if you want any idea how nutty Mormonism is go check out their explanation for the existence of black people.

Besides things like war, which religion has played a fair hand in over time, religion is one of man's most destructive devices both to himself, his fellow human and the planet. The trouble with it all, besides the fact that we made it all up for ourselves, is that everyone has their own idea of how everyone else should interpret things. Pope says no divorce without the Church's say so. A King of England says...nah, I don't think my version of God will mind. I'll start my own church and get divorced any old time I please.

Most religions devalue women, some to the point of property as is the case with Islam. Catholicism? According to the old testament you should lock your wife away while she has her monthly visitor. Oh and sacrifice an animal and spray it's blood in seven directions.

I'm not so arrogant to think that there isn't something out there beyond comprehension; but I'm certain there was no intentional prime mover to create the world in seven days. While you are sympathetic to the branch you presumably grew up with and that comfort translates you your willingness to give it a pass; I harbor the automatic suspicion of anyone who professes their belief. I find that profession usually becomes entreating you to adopt their view.

No my friend, were I able to make such a decision, I would wipe them all out as more a hazard than a benefit to humanity as a whole.

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What you guys are saying is exactly what I believe. Except you've managed to say it better than I can.

As for Christian values to live by, the way I've often heard it expressed is, without them, we couldn't be moral people, we wouldn't know right from wrong. I personally find that terribly offensive. I know right from wrong, I know morality from immorality, I know how to do good and why it's important to do so, yet I'm probaby the least religious person you'll ever meet. We don't need relgion to tell us how to behave. In fact, I've seen religious people not follow their own principles more often than nonreligous ones.


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